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Different Dimensions Stealing my Shit
September 26, 2015

Different Dimensions Stealing my Shit

Happens all the fucking time! Don’t tell me you never thought of it before. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when you have something in your hand to only let it fall or drop accidentally. You bend over to pick it up, to your surprise it is no where in sight! Look. I get it, I’m clumsy. Something that I’m already at peace with knowing. So let’s face the fact that I’m bound to drop shit.

Nonetheless, this does not explain how something like an item that is flat, has a small bit of weight to it can completely disappear when falling less than a feet away from the floor. Once you finally decide to look down to grab the item is when you of course realize that instead of the item hitting the floor, it went to another fucking dimension. No matter how hard you look for that item, you ain’t finding it for a week. Yet, it’s still not that simple! When you happen to finally come across it, it is in the most fucked up place. Usually on the other side of the fucking room where it was remotely impossible for the item to get there on it’s own. You can only wonder one thing.
“What the fuck!”

The most fucked up thing about the entire situation is, the universe likes to play games with you. It will only allow you to find the item once you no longer fucking need it! It truly pisses me off. Hey, it wants to play games. That’s fine. I ain’t losing without a fight! So these stupid ass mother fucking alternate dimensions can fuck off and stop stealing my shit!

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