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You should be allowed to say no to people with tattoos, piercings etc.
October 7, 2014

You should be allowed to say no to people with tattoos, piercings etc.

So I have been reading online about a woman from Ottawa who is trying to make it illegal to discriminate on people who have tattoos, piercings, funky hair styles, and the works. To be honest, making that illegal would cause so many un realistic lawsuits and cause trouble for business owners. You can find her petition on Change.org

Before I get into this article. I will say that I do support people who have tattoos, piercings, or what ever other body modifications they may have. There is no reason to judge them based on their looks. They may be more then capable of doing the job they are looking to get. The point of this article is not to discriminate them. This article is just my view and opinion on why making it illegal to not hire someone because of the fact they may have heavily viewable body modifications is not the right decision.

There are a lot of people in the ctv news comments who themselves have tattoos, and agree.

I am HEAVILY tattooed – comparing the struggles of women, people of other races to dying your hair pink and having a bunch of eyebrow rings is insulting. As many have said it’s a choice, if you can’t figure out why I don’t want some girl with rainbow coloured hair and a forehead tattoo representing my company then you really need help. The last thing we need is silly lawsuits because someone thinks they didn’t get the job because of hair colour, tattoos etc, when reality they didn’t get hired because they came across as stupid… much like this petition.

- Marc

If I own a company and I don’t want to hire you because you have Tats and Piercings all over. That’s my own decision. I don’t need the Government to tell me I have to hire you. I say this and I have tattoos.

- Dman

Now I may not agree 100% with them or how they worded it, but they do raise a good valid point.
I own a unregistered company myself. As of this moment, all employees are around the globe. Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and of course me, from Canada. So appearances at this moment does not matter. However, if for what ever reason I expand and I need a local office to employ more people, I probably won’t hire people with heavily viewable body modifications either. I am already personally going to get a lot of hate for this as I know a lot of people with a lot of tattoos, piercings, etc. In fact, I basically grew up with them.

Am I not hiring you because I don’t thing you can do the job? No. Not at all. You may be more then capable of doing the job.
Am I not hiring you because I don’t like body modifications? Again not at all. I do like some of them. I don’t mind tattoos or people with piercings.
Am I not hiring you because I think you’re a degenerate/delinquent with bad morals? (As the Petition suggests) Definitely not. In fact, having body modifications has nothing to do with that statement. If anything, it tells me you have more self confidence.

The point is, I am not discriminating you because you have them. You are free to do what you like with your own body. However, I do want people who look very professional as well as able to do the job meeting my standards. And in my eyes, a professional looking person is a well groomed (Not rainbow styled mohawk), well dressed, and well mannered. If you have tattoos under your clothes, or even small viewable ones. That is okay. However, those who have tattoos on their foreheads, big holes in their ears with lip and nose rings. In my opinion, that is not professional looking. And I want to grow my company in my eyes. That is one way how companies succeed. By following the founders vision.

If I go to a tattoo parlor who is looking to hire someone as the “face” of their company. Should I be discriminated because I have no tattoos? To be honest. It does not matter if I am or not. As they are probably looking for someone who has epic looking ass tattoos to be the face of their company. So if a company does not want to hire you for the opposite reason, why should it be illegal?

If I wen’t into work tomorrow not wearing my uniform and dressed casually, should I be discriminated based on my clothes? Certainly! They wan’t their employees wearing the uniform! It is one of the conditions of working their. As it should be.

There are a lot of successful people out there with heavy body modifications. Actors, singers, business owners, even doctors. So discriminating someone with them is immoral, and you should not judge the book by its cover. However, you should also respect the wishes of how certain companies view their employees.

You also have to remember that some jobs require you don’t have certain piercings due to safety reasons. Then the employees will complain that the holes will close up. I’m sorry but, safety should be your number one concern to begin with. If I owned a mechanic shop or construction company, and piercings can get hooked, stuck, or ripped off your skin easily due to some of the tasks, then applying to these companies you should be well aware that certain body modifications can be harmful to yourself well on the job. Therefore, when being interviewed you should go through the effort of removing such items.

Comments from both people who agree and disagree welcomed! Looking for all inputs and opinions :)

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