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Fun Fact Friday: I’m Clumsy
September 13, 2014

Fun Fact Friday: I’m Clumsy

So (allegedly speaking of course) I am clumsy. I say allegedly because I am not that bad! I mean, it is not my fault things just tend to get in my way when I am walking.

I’m not clumsy. The floors hate me, the table and chairs are bullies, and the walls get in my way!

Although, it seems to get worst during the summer. Maybe it’s because I am doing more walking than I would at home where I sit at a desk most of the day. The amount of times I fell, walked into something, or broke an item in the last few months I was on the island is innumerable. I can go on with a list such as dog gates, glasses, phones, etc. However, I’m sure you don’t have time to read a limitless list.

The cover photo above is of the brand new Sony Xperia Z2 I had just purchased roughly a month or two before. Although not a case of “clumsiness”, it still sucks! I was getting into the truck to go pick up a printer I ordered. As I got into the truck, just as I was closing the door the phone fell out of my pocket and just as the door closed the phone went in-between the door and the truck. Luckily, I was able to replace the entire thing completely!

A lot of times, a joke is made out of entire situations. I know the people around me had a good laugh when ever something happened. The two photos below is between me, my aunt, and uncle.

Broken Glass

Plastic Glass

The first photo reads:

Be Careful! I droped my glass :( (Chairs fault!) I don’t know what you do with broken glass so I left it here. P.S. I already cursed at the chair. No need to punish him… I’m sure he did not mean to trop me :P

The second one:

Dear Jordan, We know that these mobile objects i.e. chair, dogs gate, walls, etc keep jumping out and tripping you and that’s why we have these plastic glasses just for you!! Use them! Cathy and Alan

Nonetheless, I’m not that clumsy. Honestly. Objects just appear out of no where and make me trip :)

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  1. Jason

    Lol really a fun fact Friday and people are clumsy :D

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