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February 28, 2015


As me being that random Canadian guy, you might already know which city I live in based on previous posts. Some of you may also already know I’m not a huge fan of the city Sudbury. However, that does not deny the fact that this video does a beautiful job of displaying it. Makes me forget all the reasons why I hate the city to begin with while watching it and have a little bit of pride.

As it’s description reads “Drone Malone shows you what it means to be a Sudburian! Setting the bar for what the ‘True North’ is all about!”.

Take a look at the video above and discover what northern Ontario is all about. Discover what being “True North Strong and Free” is about.

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Roxanne On:
Sudbury? Ughhh!
2019-11-12 16:40:58
Melissa On:
That Random Canadian Guy!
2019-11-03 23:08:53
LesDoorce On:
Made It Home Safely!
2019-11-02 02:44:56
ogizasazak On:
Sudbury? Ughhh!
2019-10-28 04:38:02
Ellsyhowl On:
Made It Home Safely!
2019-10-23 06:56:21