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Fun Fact Friday: I HATE Spiders!
August 29, 2014

Fun Fact Friday: I HATE Spiders!

This is something I will just try to do every Friday or at least ever other Friday xD. Hopefully it will be a more interesting way to get to know me a bit better then any lengthy blog post.

For the very first Fun Fact Friday, it can be described as the hairy, 8 legged freaks! Yes Spiders! I may not be as bad as some people, but if I’m not aware of where one is, and I go to pick something up and all of a sudden its right there all up in my face, I drop that item and get a good scare for a moment. Then I immediately hunt that spider down to try and step on it! I just can’t stand them. Like come on now. Just look at them! All creepy and shit.

As I was working in the woods this past summer you can imagine you see them often. It’s pretty bad because I got the chance to work with an amazing crew this year. They liked to joke around from time to time about how I hate them. Sometimes they would pretend to through them at me. :’( Crying on the inside for sure. The sad part is, the three were girls. Here I am suppose to be the manly one and I’m afraid of small squashable spiders! Can you really blame me though?

If you aren’t scared of spiders then check out these:
21 Creepy Spider GIFs That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Skin Crawl
10 Creepy Things Spiders Can Do

FYI, for those of you who may be pretty clueless. That is definitely not me in the image of the man holding the spider. Oh hell no. I would not touch that creepy looking thing with a 10 foot long pole. Would more then definitely try to get someone with a torch and burn it alive. The image source can be found on the Argiope Aurantia wikipedia page.

3 Responses

  1. Shauna Pardy

    So proud of you baby brother!! You are one of the hardest working ppl I know!

  2. Shauna Pardy

    O.O bahahahha jokes you jake and Eric terrified I love em! … Snakes turn me into a snivelling baby tho lol

  3. Cathie ur Mother

    Ur freaking hilarious! But I also totally agree with u!

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