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Last Beach Day With A Bond Fire!
August 30, 2014

Last Beach Day With A Bond Fire!

Yesterday was the last beach day I will have on Prince Edward Island before I head out back to Ontario. Time sure does fly, months have gone by in a flash. It’s scary to see your life go by faster and faster as you get older. Either way, I enjoyed my time here. The last beach day may not have been the greatest as it was windy and a bit chilly. Nevertheless, it was a great experience.

Not long after we got there I had made my sister come out in the water with me for one last swim. Boy was it cold! I mean, sure we did not even notice. Was that cold it sorta made our bodies a bit numb! Was fun nonetheless! (At least I thought it was!) We went out in a sea-doo tube so we would not get wet at first. Well, I mostly did it so Leanne would not get wet much first. However, that ultimately was pointless as when the waves came, I made sure she did! Not to mention I eventually just tipped the tube over so she was forced in. (Yup, I’m a jerk like that!)

We got out a little after that as supper was being made. To our surprise there was some pizza there as well. Yum! Had a slice of that, some cheese sticks and grabbed a plate of steak and vegetables. Boy was it excellent! The steak was cooked so flawless. I like my steak medium rare so a little bit of red and blood is perfect for me.

Eventually, it got dark out and a fire was made. Not any normal fire you would have at camp or similar either. This bond fire got pretty large. My uncle had decided to take the tractor down with a large bail of hay. Set it on the fire and set some trees on it as well. To make it even worst, he choose to drop some oil on an already burning fire! The lot of people had to back up as it extremely got hot. Hard to believe we were able to roast some marshmallows and make some s’mores out of that :P

The day was overall very exciting and a fantastic way to end the summer. Still plenty of detail of the day left out, but I just put the highlights in. No need to make it an entire book! Anyhow, it’s 4am and I’m tired. Goodnight all!

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