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Made It Home Safely!
September 2, 2014

Made It Home Safely!

After a dreaded 24 hour long drive, I am finally back in Ontario and staying at my fathers house until next Sunday. We left early yesterday morning. If I recall, it was roughly 5:30am. We arrived safely in the driveway of my fathers house around 6am this morning. 24 hours in a truck sitting there with a sore ass and leg muscles kinda wishes I spent the few hundred on a plane ticket! However, at the same time I should be saving the money anyhow :P

The trip actually was not all that bad. It did feel a lot faster than 24 hours as I had my laptop with me and a wireless hot spot all the way home. So I was connected to the internet. I also had put some movies on my laptop the night before we left so I had something to watch. Not to mention some books to read in case I got really bored. I would say out of the entire trip, the thing that ticked me off was when we stopped at Tim Hortons in Quebec.

All I wanted was a single Doughnut from them. However, there was a group of four guys that was ahead of me. They pretty much cleaned them out lmao. I swear each one of them got a box of twelve doughnut for each of them. Time Hotons has this new Oreo type of doughnut and I figured I was going to try it. However, before I could buy it one of the guys cleaned them out. So I figured that was okay. Perhaps next time. I was then going to just get a Boston cream. Sure thing, the next guy took the last three. I swear they where reading my mind as when I was thinking I was going to just get that triple chocolate then another one ordered them up. These damn French i tell you!

Top it all off the girl behind the counter had no idea what I was trying to say. I probably looked like an idiot as I was pointing to the doughnuts. Mind you there was only 2 plain ones left. So not like there was much to choose from. TO no avail I had another person tell her.

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