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August 28, 2014

Monarch Butterflies

During work about a week ago, I was able to capture some shots of this beautiful Monarch butterfly! I have been seeing them a lot this summer but this little fella was the only one who would stay still to take some great pictures. The butterfly would not move much when I was in presence of it. I was even able to grab a hold of the grass to turn it and have him open his wings. I may not be a professional photographer, but if I had to say so my self, these photos are quite gorgeous. Only downside is you can see my fingers in one of them :(

My friends and family seem to like the ones with the wings open. For some reason, as beautiful as the shot was, I am just no liking how my fingers ended up in the picture. My favourite has to be the D6503 shot. These shots where taken right in the morning when the dampness was still around. So it was able to create the perfect effect.

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