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Sudbury? Ughhh!
September 8, 2014

Sudbury? Ughhh!

Last night I made it back into Sudbury with the help of my step sister. As she comes to university here, I was able to hitch a ride with her from Toronto up north to Sudbury. Although as much as I can say my “home” is in Prince Edward Island, it’s nice to be back in my very own bed. I have to admit, as much as I dislike Sudbury itself, seeing some familiar faces from home is great.

The first thing you can see before entering the city is the Inco Superstack. This is what Sudbury is known for. The “mining” community. The air we breath in and out on a daily basis is filled with chemicals from the stacks. The rain that falls is probably not even drinkable. Yet, people wonder why I dislike Sudbury. With the health concerns set aside, there is just nothing to do here either. From what I’ve seen, anyone who stays here do not normally go far in life. Maybe its my high expectations, but as soon as I can I will be waving that smoke stack goodbye once more!

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  1. Jessica :D

    You think there’s nothing to do in sudbury, dont ever come to new liskeard lol.

    1. I have been there a few times back when I was little ;)

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