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That Random Canadian Guy!
August 27, 2014

That Random Canadian Guy!

This post will serve it’s purpose as officially being my first article on my personal blog! For those of you who are first visiting, or have not had the chance to get to know me very well, here is a quick bio about me.

The Boring Stuff:
My legal full name is Jordan Joseph Pardy-Howard. However, if you know me from any of my websites, then you will know I only go by Jordan Howard. The world was lucky to see me on November 7th, 1994. Therefore, as of this time of writing this article I am 19 years of age. I currently primarily live in Ontario, Canada. I say primarily because I will often go visit Prince Edward Island for months at a time. Prince Edward Island (or PEI for short) is basically my second home, if not then is my home. I have been coming out east for as long as I can remember.

Living in Canada is probably one of the greatest gifts I received when entering this strange new world. I honestly do love the country even if I do not particularly agree on its current political status. (That’s right Harper! Looking at you buddy.) So with that said, you can expect to see some Canadian love here and there within some of my awesome posts in the future of this website!

Interests & Hobbies:
First and foremost. As a 19 year old male, you can expect I love to play video games. I don’t often play as much as I use to but that does not stop me from sneaking on my console and jumping into some action. For those of you are interested in the flame war between consoles, I am a Xbox user! From originally owning the Crystal Edition of the first Xbox, (Which I still have and play once in a blue moon) I have moved up to the 360 when it came out. When it was time to upgrade to the newer generation, I again choose the Microsoft route and got the Xbox one. However, I was actually planning on getting the PS4 around the time of getting one! For them Sony fans, it’s not that I dislike the Playstation console. In fact, I like both consoles and would play either one. I even own the Sony Xperia Z2 phone so not like I’m a Sony hater either! I just grew up with the Xbox and it’s what I’m use to. The family and friends that I play with the most have the Xbox as well so it made the decision even easier.

Another interest I have that pretty much defines who I am and what takes up most my time is developing websites. I started making my first website at a very young age. Ever since it sorta became the phase that never ended. At this moment I own a network of websites that I love to work on and expand on a daily basis. This new personal blog is now another website I will be updating from time to time.

My next thing I like to do is watch movies. Like, a lot! I am a HUGE movie watcher. If I’m not developing websites, or playing video games (besides eating, sleeping, and shitting!) this is what I would be doing! I watch movies on a daily basis. Sadly however, I don’t get to go to the theaters often. So an FYI to anyone out there, if you like movies and you want to see one up in the big screen, I’m always up for some movie buddy action!

I could honestly go on and list several things that I enjoy as well, but you would end up with an endless list. The ones above are my top three that basically describes who I am. If you ever want to know more you’re more then welcome to contact me! That basically sums up my “quick” bio. I know it would seem I have lied. I seem to do that a lot. I apologies in advance :$
Anyhow, if you have any questions, life tips, or an awesome comment then leave a response below! Will be sure to reply :D

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  1. MEGAN

    make one a blog on how awesome i am!!!

    1. Hmmm. I don’t know :P Wouldn’t want anyone to know about my crazy little cousin xD

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